Digitalization not only improves project efficiencies, it also presents opportunities to help reduce the oil and gas industry’s ecological footprint.


At Axess Group, we embrace digital evolution by constantly improving our own tools and methodologies to provide our customers with better productivity, improved safety and huge savings. Axess Bridge™, an inspection software that helps optimize our inspection and reporting processes, has been helping our customers in managing their assets in the most eco-sustainable way.

Bridge™ provides a centralized system for inspectors and clients alike to share and view inspection reports and compliance status of assets. It consists of several modules which complement our different services and may be integrated into the customers’ existing maintenance systems for better asset management.

Bridge™ software does more than automating the inspection routine—the implementation of this digital solution to an organization also remarkably aids in the reduction of carbon footprint. Read on to learn the three ways our climate and customers benefit from Axess Bridge™.



Maintenance activities over a global fleet-wide scale consequently represent a main source of pollution and energy consumption. Anti-corrosion and cleaning procedures, well workover operations, equipment replacement and ballast water discharges are just some of the activities that release toxic chemicals to the sea. This poses great risk to human health, marine environment and climate.

Successful preventive maintenance plans relies on a detailed record of historical data that shows trends and allow users to forecast maintenance plans. Axess Bridge can capture and mine data from the inspection modules, and provide clients’ with a dashboard that contains key information for each asset and allows transparency for onshore management. Harnessing the power of data gives them total control of their inspection, compliance and maintenance processes, while taking into account the climate impacts of their activities.

Key benefits of preventive maintenance strategy:

  • Lesssens the frequency of unforeseen equipment failures

  • Guard assets against premature deterioration

  • Extend the equipments’ overall life-cycle

  • Reduces overall maintenance costs


Communicate more and travel less

The carbon footprint of aviation and helicopters that transport personnels from one location to another, as well as between oil fields and onshore bases, is one of the main contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. Civil aviation accounts for about 2% of the 36 billion tonnes man-made carbon emissions, and in 2017 alone, the aviation industry emitted around 859 million tonnes of CO2.

With Axess Bridge™ software, technical condition and compliance status of assets are available to clients in real-time. The digital interface that allows sharing of all information with clients mitigates the need for face-to-face meetings and travels.

Project leaders can also effectively optimize mobilizations by sending a multi-skilled personnel to rectify problems offshore, instead of deploying several  personnel to perform a wide variety of tasks. The lesser the need for sending personnels offshore means less flights and consequently reductions in carbon emissions.



Cloud based servers reduces climate impact

Internet usage based on cloud computing is becoming a huge contributor to carbon emission abatement. Unlike traditional data centers, cloud infrastructure is greener in terms of energy and resource efficiencies.

With cloud, the resources that keep data centers up and running efficiently - servers, power, cooling system and other infrastructures - are less needed, which translates to reduced energy consumption and huge carbon savings. In addition, large-scale cloud providers use 28% less carbon-intense power mix than average corporate data centers.  

Axess Bridge™ operates on cloud-based server, enabling our inspectors, from different locations and from different devices, to transfer data to a virtual server for storage and processing. The combination of cloud infrastructure and automated inspection software allows for fast workload delivery, which further maximizes energy and resource efficiencies.

In a nutshell

Axess Bridge™ software is a practical solution that greatly improves work efficiency and simaltaniously abates carbon emissions. With a system that streamlines the inspection and reporting procedure in one digital platform, our clients can better plan their preventive maintenance and reduce pollution related to excessive maintenance activities. Our multiskilled inspection teams on the other hand can strategically reduce travels and time spent offshore, as they could perform more work within the same time frame.  

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Climate Roadmap

The Axess Bridge Software is a part Axess' digitalization program that contributes to overall project efficiency.